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Improve Cognitive Function By Exercising Your Brain

Fast ForWord helps increase brainpower in kids and is effective as a central auditory processing disorder treatment. The program isn’t meant to be like a tutor who drills your child on a specific academic curriculum. Rather, it helps enhance your child’s overall ability to learn.

In just 30 minutes a day at home or at our center, your child can achieve lasting gains in areas including:

  • Attention
  • Auditory processing
  • Reading, spelling and writing
  • Working memory
  • Self confidence

Fast ForWord and Auditory Processing

Research has shown that Fast ForWord® can improve auditory processing in children with central auditory processing disorder (CAPD). Children with CAPD are thought to hear normally, but something prevents their brain from properly interpreting sounds, especially speech. CAPD impacts an estimated 5 percent of school-aged children, who often appear inattentive and struggle in school because they have trouble understanding what is being said in class.

As Fast ForWord® helps the brain rewire itself to improve cognitive function, it also helps children get better at auditory processing at the same time.  

Fast ForWord® is a series of fun-filled computer exercises developed by brain scientists to boost the brain’s processing efficiency and accelerate learning. Designed for individuals ages 4-21, the software series begins with foundational programs that build reading and language skills, while improving memory, attention, processing rates and sequencing. As students progress, they move on to the Reading Series, which continues to increase processing efficiency and builds critical reading and language skills needed for academic success.

How Fast ForWord® works:

The science behind the programs Fast ForWord® products build on the breakthroughs in neuroscience research on “brain plasticity,” revealing that the brain can continue to develop and improve the efficiency of its processing throughout life. By using intensive, adaptive technology, Fast ForWord® products trigger actual physical changes in the brain.

“Gray matter” thickens, and neural connections are forged and strengthened. It‘s like switching the brain wiring from a dial up Internet connection to a highspeed cable modem.

Can my child benefit from Fast ForWord®?

Fast ForWord® programs increase brainpower by exercising areas of the brain that help students process information more efficiently. It’s similar to the way physical workouts train the body to be more fit and strong. Because “Fit brains learn better,” Fast ForWord® programs help those who may have trouble learning due to weaknesses in auditory processing, language skills, memory, attention and/or reading. Even students who are already having academic success, but want to boost their brainpower, can benefit from Fast ForWord® products.

Great results are the norm

Again and again, independent research has shown that with use under the recommended protocols, Fast ForWord® products enhance the processing efficiency of the brain. Cognitive skills such as memory, attention, processing rate and sequencing are improved, and these changes last a lifetime.

In general, students who use Fast ForWord® gain an average of 1-2 years in language and reading skills in 8-12 weeks.

How do I get my child started using Fast ForWord®?

After contacting PSLLC, a certified speech-language pathologist will review your child’s history and schedule a Fast ForWord® screening and demonstration. You and your child will meet with Terri Rossman, M.S., CCC-SLP, a certified Fast ForWord® provider since 1996, and recipient of the Scientific Learning Leadership award. This consultation will help determine which Fast ForWord® program is the right fit, if the program should be done in our computer lab or in your home, and which 5 day per week protocol is appropriate (30, 50 or 90 minutes). Once your child is enrolled in the Fast ForWord® program, his progress is continually reviewed and monitored using Internet technology, and results are shared with parents.

Resources for Parents at Scientific Learning Fast ForWord Website®

This website, developed specifically for parents, has a variety of papers, resources, sample exercises, and other information about Fast ForWord, without being overwhelming or complicated.

Fast ForWord® Research

Check out Scientific Learning's® blog post on new research findings for the Fast ForWord® program. Learn how Fast ForWord® can help YOUR child at

How can Fast ForWord® help children on the autism spectrum? with Dr. Martha Burns

Click to view the video below. To see more videos, visit our the Video Archive in our Resource Center.


Fast ForWord® in the News

Rewiring Your Gray Matter

By Sharon Begley

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages!" booms the cartoonish little ringmaster on the computer screen. "Welcome to the Circus Sequence game!" Although it has all the earmarks of a typical educational CD, once Circus Sequence and the other six games that make up Fast ForWord get past the words of welcome, they sound decidedly odd--and for good reason. The players are otherwise normal children 4 to 14 who cannot distinguish between similar short sounds, like "da" and "ka." They have trouble linking written words with sounds, and therefore with learning to read. So when the computer asks the players to "point to rake" when a picture of a lake is also offered, or to release the cursor over a flying pig when a series of spoken "g's" is interrupted by a "k," it stretches out the target sounds. The usual .003-second difference between "day" and "bay," for instance, lasts several times that long. And with this simple trick, Fast ForWord does something quite a bit more revolutionary than your run-of-the-mill educational CD: it rewires brains.

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Game your brain: the new benefits of neuroplasticity

Wired UK Magazine
April 17, 2014

One day in January 2007, a US federal government construction contractor called Doug Reitmeyer arrived at the offices of a brain-fitness software company called Posit Science, in downtown San Francisco. Reitmeyer's son, Ryan, had had a devastating boat accident two years earlier. At about 9.45pm, four of Ryan's friends had asked him to take them back to their car across the lake. Ryan, 29, was driving the small Sea Ray boat across lake Travis, a reservoir on the Colorado River in Texas, when it collided with a ten-metre black Carver cabin cruiser that had no lights on.

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Fast ForWord® User Reviews

Amanda VanDeWege’s story about her daughter: “Fast ForWord® User Review Journal Entries”
4 weeks into Fast ForWord: “My DD is READING!!!  She is reading over my shoulder as I type. She is reading sentences in books. She is reading labels in the stores as we walk by.  This is amazing!  She has been learning to read for over two years…Her working memory capacity is also noticeably increased in that she can play the sound memory game now without difficulty.  This is evident in her reading in that she can now read a whole 5-7 word sentence all the way through once and remember the beginning words.”

Samantha Taylor’s story about her son, Joey
Between 3-7 weeks of Fast ForWord: “We see it in the classroom,” his teacher said. “He’s paying more attention because he is processing more of what we are saying.” I remembered that Joey’s private speech therapist had recently noticed that the past few weeks he was more relaxed, cracking more jokes, and flying through exercises that he had struggled with. “It’s just going to get better from here,” the teacher exclaimed.

Tess Messer’s story about her son: “Fast Forward Review, Central Auditory Processing Disorder and ADHD”
“My son has been using an CAPD software program called Fast Forward that has helped him tremendously. It works to improve and increase language skills and it also works on auditory memory and on reducing detailed information to a more basic representation. He has completed his second module and his auditory processing and language skills have improved tremendously.” 


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