Our Members

There is no “typical” Social Village child, our members are a unique group of kids who have many strengths, great qualities and a strong desire to have meaningful social relationships with similar age peers (despite sometimes saying otherwise).

Our member’s parents are eager for their child to be less socially isolated, develop their flexible thinking skills, learn how to be part of a social group and expand their interests beyond video games and surfing the internet.

Challenges with understanding other’s perspectives, understanding reciprocity in friendships, initiating social interaction or being inflexible when part of a group are common amongst of our members.

The students who attend Social Village may be diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, learning disabilities or a higher-independence autism spectrum diagnosis. Some members do not have a formal diagnosis but present with significant anxiety around social situations.

Our members attend public schools, private college preparatory schools and private schools for students with learning disabilities. They are included in general education classes for all or a majority of the school day.


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