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Why Choose Us

Knowledge and Focus. Founded in 1989, Princeton Speech-Language & Learning Center is Central New Jersey’s leading provider of services that help children and young adults improve their ability to learn, communicate and interact with their peers. Because speech, language, social communication and learning disorders are our focus, we believe we are better positioned to effect change than multipurpose county, school or hospital-based programs.

Personalized service. We are widely known for our thorough evaluations and comprehensive reports, which help parents and other professionals understand a child’s strengths and weaknesses. We dedicate as much time as necessary to identify a client’s needs in order to develop an effective treatment program.

Experienced therapists. All of our therapists are nationally certified speech-language pathologists, who are trained in the latest, most innovative and research-based therapies. Collectively, they have decades of experience working with individuals diagnosed with conditions ranging from autism spectrum disorders and attention deficit disorder to dyslexia.

Individualized treatments. Realizing that “one therapy approach doesn’t fit all,” we tailor our therapies to help each individual overcome his or her challenges. Our therapists regularly attend national continuing education conferences to ensure we stay ahead of the most cutting-edge treatments available. PSLLC offers speech and language therapy, tutoring services, social skills development, literacy development as well as reading comprehension programs.

Client support. We are committed to guiding clients through the complex decision-making process of securing the best possible speech and language services – whether or not we are providing those services. We will consult and work with the school team to make sure a child receives all of the services he or she needs and deserves. Most importantly, we work together with a child’s family members, teachers and other professionals to ensure that newly learned skills are carried over into school and the home.

Let’s discuss how we can help. Schedule an appointment today. Call 609-924-7080, email or contact us online.